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Extensive Bathroom Ranges

Whether building and designing new bathrooms or improving the old, the bathroom is all about choosing the appropriate fixtures and fittings.
Our designers will help you find the style to fit your taste, needs, space and budget.
Bathroom design tends to mirror the fashions of contemporary kitchens, leaning toward modern-looking, built-in fixtures, or harking back to Victorian and Edwardian times.

For your new bathroom design you may prefer traditional fittings, sumptuous sculpted baths and basins, or clean-cut, modern designs.
Our designers can provide everything you need to create a superb bathroom design.
Tiles are available in a lot of textures and colours and gives us the opportunity to be creative in your design.
Wood is always a successful material to use in bathrooms. It is used in bath panels and toilet seats as well as for storage cabinets.
Not only bath, shower or toilet design and tiles have an influence on the atmosphere of your bathroom, taps and shower fittings have their place. They will really set off your bathroom design and take your bathroom to another level.
There are a lot of designs available, from Victorian taps and overhead showers to state-of-the-art touch control chrome shower mixers or levers.

Bathroom design of course is affected by money, the more you spend, the more styles you’ll have to choose from. You’ll find a wide range of bathrooms in our showrooms and we offer wonderful solutions for every taste and budget.
Affordable Bathrooms provide the complete service from design to complete installation. Come along to our showrooms and see for yourself how we can create your dream bathroom.